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By now, most everybody – even non-sports fans – know that football commentator Bob Costas threw his opinion out regarding the gun-related tragic deaths of Jovan Belcher and the mother of his three-year-old child via Belcher’s gun. On Saturday, Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs killed Kasandra Perkins, his baby’s mom and then himself after the two were reportedly arguing for some time.

The Kansas City Chiefs surprisingly decided to play their Sunday game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday – the day after the horrendous murders. Though a respectful moment of silence was observed during the game, a not-so-respectful opinion of the gun-laden murders came blurting out of sports commentator Bob Costas’ mouth.

Costas, for one reason or another, thought the viewing audience had a desire for his opinion on the tragic murders which would naturally include his view of gun control.

Thanks to Costas, it’s apparent that there is no occasion in which a liberal-minded high-profile personality in society thinks that their opinion is unwelcome. Costas had the audacity to rant for well over a minute about his views on the tragedy and summed up his displeasure with gun control.

Costas opinion on the controversial issue isn’t what’s of most concern here. What’s of concern is that he thinks he has the right to opine when his job is to talk football – talk sports – and then get off the air.

The audacity of the “left” to think their opinion is wanted – over and over again – whether it’s a non-political event such as a football game, a concert, a whatever-they-end-up-fronting day-in and day-out.

Costas can now say that he even surprised himself with his oration about gun control and weakly suggest that he was out of line, but the point is that he did it. For him to even think that halftime during a televised Sunday afternoon football game would be a time for him to opine is incredibly non-thinking on his part.

How about at least a game or three’s suspension for this guy to let him know what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate during his half-time babble?

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