By Ed Coleman
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R.A. Dickey had a message to deliver, and he delivered it loud and clear. Speaking at a Mets holiday party at Citi Field for schoolkids that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, Dickey — albeit in measured tones — was clearly frustrated by the slow pace of negotiations and the underwhelming offers that have been delivered to him and his agent Bo McKinnis by the Mets’ organization.

With trade talks still ongoing, Dickey was asked whether he thinks he’ll still be a Met in 2013.

And given the robust offseason market for both pitchers and position players, does the knuckleballer believe that he’s been treated fairly in light of the offers made?

But it’s rather hard not to. Look, we’ve been over this before. Dickey is the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner. Jeremy Guthrie has been a journeyman starter throughout his career, and was recently signed to a three-year $25 million deal by the Kansas City Royals. Dickey has a $5 million option for this season, and the Mets have offered approximately $20 million for a two-year extension. Voila!! $25 million as well.  How’s that workin’ for ya, R.A.?

Dickey’s side is proposing somewhere between $13 and $14 million per season for two years (in addition to the $5 million option for 2013).  Both sides have said that should an extension not be agreed upon, playing out 2013 on the existing option is not desirable. But the vantage points differ.  Here’s Mets general manager Sandy Alderson on the company line.

Not so from Dickey’s standpoint — playing out the option without a further deal would spell sayonara.

So let’s recap. Where does Alderson believe things stand at the moment? 

And does Dickey think that progress is being made?

After the negotiations for David Wright’s deal were wrapped up, was Dickey disappointed that talks did not progress quicker toward a resolution for him?

Hopefully something happens soon. Here’s a sobering thought — Alderson was asked what he thought the roster might look like this spring for next season.

Yes, it’s early and there’s still time, but even though the financial flow is more advantageous for them now, don’t expect the Mets to throw money around for money’s sake.

We’ll see what Santa has under the tree — or up his sleeve.

C U soon
Eddie C.

Are you turned off by how Dickey is handling these negotiations, or is he right to be frustrated with Sandy Alderson? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below…


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