NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Finding the perfect gift for loved ones for Christmas or Chanukah can be tricky. But some shopping experts caution there are certain gifts to avoid for the women in your life.

Some women shared the worst gifts they’ve gotten as a cautionary tale to others.

“First present I got from my husband was a toaster and my little girl at the time said to him, ‘That’s not a present! Mommy doesn’t like those kind of presents,'” one woman told CBS 2’s Emily Smith on Tuesday.

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Ella Goldin owns the personal shopping service Chic Inspiration and said there are certain things men should avoid at all costs to avoid disappointment.

“No cleaning products at all,” Goldin told Smith. “Gym memberships, fitness stuff – no, no. Very shaky ground, you definitely don’t want to do that.”

But the absolute worst thing to buy a woman, according to Goldin, is cheap jewelry or something mistaken for a marriage proposal.

“As soon as she opens up that box and you see those earrings or that bracelet or whatever, it’s just going to be disappointment head on,” she warned.

At a Midtown salon, some women offered tips to men searching for a great gift this holiday season.

“My husband got us tickets to see ‘Book of Mormon.’ I am excited to have a night out,” one woman told Smith.

Other women said sentiment is key to a great gift.

“If it’s something that has no meaning to our relationship, I’m like…okay?” said another woman.

Personal shopper Pilar Katz of Shopping Girlfriend NYC said a little thought can go a long way in finding a great gift.

“Listen up guys, it’s not brain surgery,” Katz told Smith. “It’s all about thought and heart, that’s really what it’s about. And again, no appliances!”

Experts also recommend against shopping at a convenience or drug store because, while the items may be useful they don’t exactly say “I love you.”

Both shopping experts also agreed that the best gift are usually experiences, like a play, concert or vacation.

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