Affidavit: Teen Sensation Was To Be Targeted At Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A shocking murder plot targeting teen singer Justin Bieber has been broken up by police in New Mexico. Investigators said the elaborate plan involved killing the pop star while he was in New York City.

According to investigators, Bieber was to be castrated and killed while he was here. Police said the plot was hatched inside a New Mexico prison, CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois reported.


Police said the mastermind of the plot to murder Bieber was Dana Martin, 45, who is serving two life sentences in a prison for rape and murder. Martin is said to be obsessed with Bieber, even having an image of the singer tattooed on his leg.

Investigators said Martin recruited former inmate Mark Staake, 41, for the job. Staake, in turn, brought in his nephew, Tanner Ruane, 23.

According to an affidavit, the plan allegedly called for the murders of four people. Two were former acquaintances of Martin. The others: Bieber and his bodyguard. The plan was to kill Bieber while he was in New York City for concerts at Madison Square Garden.

Police said Ruane’s job was to castrate the victims, including Bieber.

The plot was foiled when Martin for some reason called the police on his partners. Staake was arrested in Vermont, while Ruane was picked up in New York.

Bieber’s manager released a statement saying his team takes every precaution to protect the safety of the young star and his fans.

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