NEW YORK (WFAN) — John Idzik was introduced as the Jets’ general manager on Thursday afternoon, and he stressed optimism to the media as Gang Green looks to rebound from a disastrous 6-10 campaign.

Idzik was formerly the Seahawks’ vice president of football administration, and he promised that the Jets will “explore every measure to bring in talent and to compete.”

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He also said that he doesn’t “sense dysfunction or anything like that” surrounding the Jets.

That didn’t sit well with WFAN host Mike Francesa, who was thoroughly unimpressed with Idzik’s performance on the podium.


“The bottom line is — and this is what you want to know — you did not get the answer to the question that you wanted, which is, ‘Who is calling the shots on personnel?’ Francesa said. “What you got was a guy who came off very, very overwhelmed. (You saw) a guy who was anything, anything, but in total control of that press conference. And he made some unbelievable statements.”

Which statements didn’t sit well with Francesa?

“(He said) there’s nothing wrong with the Jets,” Francesa said. “Well if there’s nothing wrong with the Jets, why would you be here? … The last thing that any Jet fan wanted to hear the new general manager say is that you’re going to play like a Jet. They don’t want you to play like a Jet anymore! They want to play better than a Jet! They want to change the way the Jets play!

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“The idea that “play like a Jet” is something that is a good thing is exactly why people are scared about what they heard today.”

Idzik replaces Mike Tannenbaum, who was fired the day after the Jets lost to the Bills in the final game of the 2012 season. Some have questioned the hiring of Idzik, as the majority of his experience comes in cap management and not personnel.

Idzik praised head coach Rex Ryan as “a very accomplished coach” who is “energetic, optimistic and engaging.”

“How would you know everybody is great? You just got here,” Francesa said. “And if everybody was great, use your noodle. You’re supposed to be an educated man. If everybody was great, why would you be here? ‘Everyone came out to shake my hand,’ he said. Duh, you’re the boss. What do you want them to do — throw things at you? … He said he was a football guy, but in the next sentence he said, ‘But I don’t know what a football guy is.’

“If you don’t know what a football guy is, how do you know you are one?”

All in all, Francesa believed that Idzik made a terrible first impression to Jets nation.

“This was, for an opening press conference, somewhere between awful and disappointing,” Francesa said. “It was not (a) disaster, but it was close. It was anything but forceful … Nothing in anything you heard would make anybody confident.”

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