NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In the wake of the mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., many school districts have been assessing their current security measures and considering other options to keep students safe.

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School sparked a debate over whether armed guards should be placed in schools. At a safety seminar on Wednesday, Suffolk County officials said they are considering installing panic buttons at schools.

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However, a Massapequa-based firm said there are other high-tech security options available.

IntraLogic Solutions Inc. works with 25 school districts on Long Island and has been getting more calls from concerned superintendents, principals and school administrators about boosting security.

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The Baldwin public school system already has a security command center featuring real-time video surveillance of every school in the district.

“This is what a lot of the schools are moving towards, a centralized management platform where everything comes in: the cameras, the access control, the door access systems,” said IntraLogic Solutions Inc. owner and CEO Lee Mandel.

Other advanced safety technology available to schools includes live door notifications with facial detections, a one button lockdown system that allows school officials or security guards to secure an entire building from a computer or mobile device, and remote control of a building’s lighting and public address system.

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The company is offering free technical threat vulnerability assessment to any school district on Long Island.