NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tri-State Area residents began the weekend in lingering bitter cold, as the temperature still refuses to climb out of the 20s, and the wind chill continues to make it feel much colder.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Vanessa Murdock said as of the early morning hours, it was just 16 degrees in the city, and 9 degrees in outlying areas such as Middletown, and Wayne and Harrisburg, N.J.

The wind chill was not having an effect in the city, but was making it feel like 0 in Katonah and minus-1 in Middletown.

At least the snow that pelted New Yorkers’ faces like flying pins on Friday evening is relegated to the ground. Murdock said sunshine is expected in the early part of the day as the high climbs to 27.

<a title=”Some Staten Island Residents Still Call Tent Community Home Months After Sandy” href=”; For victims of Superstorm Sandy who remained without power three months later, the only thing heating up has been their anger. As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, after weeks of waiting and debating, the U.S. Senate still has not passed a bill that could get them the help they so desperately need.

In New Dorp, Staten Island, some people were still living in tents three months after the storm made landfall.

They gathered together Friday night with a television, a portable heater, donated food and their children.

“It’s an absolute disgrace, this is the greatest country in the world. It’s an absolute disgrace to be living in these conditions,” Nicole Chati told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Three months after Sandy left the area without heat, water and in some instances, their homes, the American Red Cross was still at the scene.

“Trying to stay warm as much as possible,” said Dave Hoge of Midland Beach. “We don’t have no water, no heat yet.”

And though the snow and cold have made things difficult, some Staten Islanders said it’s not the worst thing in the world.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll take snow over water any day of the week now,” Robert Stark said.

“It’s adding to the misery of it, but then in a couple of months you guys will be back and it’s gonna be the heat, the extreme heat and the mold growing. It’s gonna be a constant fight and a constant battle,” Chati said.

The Senate is set to vote Monday on the $50.5 billion emergency relief bill to help victims of Superstorm Sandy. The House passed it last week.

Meanwhile, as for the weather, some relief is coming – at least temporarily. The high for Sunday is only 29, but on Monday, the high climbs 10 degrees to 39, Tuesday to 49, and Wednesday to 54.

But on Thursday, the high drops back to 40, and by Friday back down to 30.

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