By Boomer Esiason

Despite not having the greatest hotel accommodations, the great Jerry Recco is here to give you all the latest HGH and deer antler stories.

Craig, with perhaps a Freudian slip, proclaims that Ray Lewis sprayed deer urine on himself. Boomer was quick to point out that deer urine is the cologne of choice for hunters. Craig then ponders how you would get urine from a deer. Do you milk it? Do you sneak up behind it? These are the types of things the B&C audience needs to know!

Amidst all the talk of PEDs and mutant deer antler talk was the circus known as media day. San Fran’s HC Jim Harbaugh has been a walking sound bite ever since the team arrived in NOLA on Sunday, and yesterday was no different. Then there is Randy Moss. The wideout has been quiet this year, but he took full advantage of multiple microphones in his face by proclaiming himself the greatest wide receiver ever. That includes someone who wore that same 49er jersey.

Jerry finishes his update up with the Rangers. The good news is the blue-shirts beat the Flyers, but the bad news is they may have lost their captain for a while…

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