NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – One of the permanent memorials to late former New York City Mayor Ed Koch will be the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and indelible in our memories will be Koch welcoming us to it.

In 2011, the bridge which crosses the East River at 59th Street was renamed for Koch, who died this morning.

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In 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was planning his State of the City address, which was to be made in the Bronx. To introduce the speech, a video was produced featuring the mayor passing current and former officials during his car ride to the speech.

Among those officials was Ed Koch, who (at about 1:31 in the video) was seen at the side of the road, waving and yelling, “Hey! Welcome to my bridge!”

Then Bloomberg pulled up, stopped, and rolled down his window.

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Koch asked Bloomberg, “How am I doing, Mr. Mayor?”

Bloomberg replied, “Doing a good job, Ed.”

Koch then asked, “How about the George Washington?”

Bloomberg said, “We’ll see, Ed. We’ll see.”

Koch then said “So long.” and Bloomberg drove off.

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The “Welcome to my bridge” line got so much attention that people even made a ringtone out of it.