Authorities Said Anna Fuentes, Of Brooklyn, Appeared Highly Intoxicated

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Westchester County arrested a woman Friday following a bizarre incident involving a stolen school bus.

Mount Vernon authorities said 22-year-old Anna Fuentes stole the full-sized bus from the National Gear and Piston repair shop on 4th Avenue and drove it erratically before hitting two parked vehicles and slamming into a pole right around noon.

“I looked out the window and saw that my friend’s car was crashed into my car and I came outside and I saw the school bus at the end of the block,” Elanor Mitchell told CBS 2.

A police officer saw the bus swerving and tried to stop Fuentes before the vehicle crashed.

The bus came to a halt right in front of Keara Reynolds’ house. She told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon she could the bus coming down the block.

“I looked out my window and we just heard a ‘boom, boom,'” Reynolds said.

(credit: Keara Reynolds)

(credit: Keara Reynolds)

Authorities said Fuentes, of Brooklyn, appeared highly intoxicated and gave police a different name when they asked her who she was.

Police are trying to figure out how Fuentes got behind the wheel and drove off.

Mayor Ernest Davis said cops are getting to the bottom of it and would himself like to know why the bus was left in such a way that someone could drive off with it.

One of the cars struck in the Mount Vernon crash. (credit: Keara Reynolds)

One of the cars struck in the Mount Vernon crash. (credit: Keara Reynolds)

“We must look at what happened, why it happened and to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Davis said. “What are the usual procedures for protecting a bus, because a bus is a dangerous thing.”

No one else was on the bus or hurt during the incident, police said.

Fuentes was taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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