NEW YORK (AP) — Two kayakers who fell out of their craft in chilly waters were rescued after the NYPD used a helicopter and divers to get to them. One detective swam the length of two football fields.

The kayak accident happened around 3 p.m. Saturday in Jamaica Bay.

From a helicopter, divers Det. Brian Singer and Officer Marian Kopystianskyj want into the water and retrieved one kayaker.

Meanwhile, Det. John Kenny was monitoring police radio traffic and went to the area. He saw a second man swimming to a boat anchored in the bay.

Kenny put on his police-issued wetsuit and swam 200 yards to the boat, police said.

Water temperatures around New York Harbor are currently around 40 degrees.  The 32-year-old kayakers and Kenny were treated for hypothermia and are in stable condition, police said.

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