Players Say They Wanted To Do Something As A Team, Have Fun & Follow Trend

NYACK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It’s the latest dance craze taking over the Internet.

Videos of “The Harlem Shake” dance from around the world are popping up online.

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But “The Harlem Shake” cost a local hockey team its shot at the playoffs.

The Harlem Shake video featuring the Nyack-Tappan Zee hockey team began like so many others – with one person grooving.

But when the rest of the team got into the act, it was soon game over.

“I don’t think we deserved to get kicked out of the playoffs,” said team member Brian Bermingham.

Bermingham was one of the players who took part in the sexually suggestive and inappropriate display of dancing and thrusting in the hockey locker room.

One player was even wearing nothing more than a strategically placed sock.

What asked by CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey “What was the thought process behind it,” Bermingham said it was just to have some fun.

“Just to do something as a team, have fun and follow a trend that everyone else was doing,” he said.

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But after the video hit the Internet, school administrators yanked the team from Sunday’s first-round playoff game.

Did the school go too far?

“I mean, it was close. It wasn’t that bad. I know YouTube wouldn’t let it stay up there if it were really bad,” said team member Corey Aronson.

“When you look at something like this, it’s a bit shocking,” said Corey Aronson’s father, Dr. Craig Aronson.

Dr. Craig Aronson said the punishment was a bit much and even emailed a protest letter to his son’s school, saying the “sexual connotations are part of our culture and are protected by our constitution.”

“The school is looking to educate children on what’s right and wrong and I don’t think making this decision so quickly is really educating them,” Craig Aronson said.

As for the playoff punishment, CBS 2 reached out to the hockey team’s coaches and the administrators from both Nyack and Tappan Zee high schools, but no one responded.

With their season suddenly over and possible suspensions on the way, players say they’ll be more careful.

“Think twice about putting things on the Internet,” said team member Brian Bermingham.

Parents who are upset with the school’s punishment decision are scheduled to meet Monday night to discuss what, if any, options they might have.

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