Republicans Prefer Doughnuts, Democrats Croissants

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s no secret that Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much.

But food too?

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A new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling has analyzed the food preferences of both Republicans and Democrats.

The poll found that Democrats favor bagels and croissants, while Republicans like doughnuts.

It’s no surprise then that during a recent appearance on the “Late Show,” Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s poked fun at his weight by spontaneously pulling out a doughnut and eating it in front of David Letterman.

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WATCH: Christie Takes Fat Jokes In Stride With Letterman On CBS’ ‘Late Show’

As it turns out, Democrats also prefer regular soda — 47 to 31, while Republicans prefer diet  — 42 to 34. The GOP rate Chick-Fil-A much higher than KFC —  while Democrats like KFC.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of food-related issues where members of both parties see eye-to-eye, including dinner being the favorite meal of the day, and Coke beating Pepsi as the favorite soft drink of both parties.

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