By Steve Silverman
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The Jets have a chance to make a real killing with Darrelle Revis.

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The key to handling the situation is new general manager John Idzik’s ability to force the San Francisco 49ers into paying a premium for the best lockdown corner in the game.

Idzik does not have to complete the trade right away, because the Jets are going to want and need several of the 49ers’ draft picks in order to complete the deal. With nearly two months to go before the draft, Idzik does not have to rush into anything.

What he needs to do is create even more interest and find a rival for the 49ers.

Since Revis is such an outstanding player at such an important position, that may not be difficult. The problem is that Revis is coming off surgery, and potential trading partners want to know that Revis is at his best and can still cover the best receivers in the game without an issue. But the fact that the 49ers want him in the fold should help the Jets make the case that Revis is still going to be one of the premier defensive players in the league.

When the 2013 “league year” begins on March 12, the Jets and all other teams will be eligible to make trades. They don’t have to wait until the draft begins in late April, but it may be in their best interest to wait on completing the deal as they pursue other interested trading partners

The 49ers look at Revis as the key player who can help them get back to the Super Bowl and win it this time. The Niners should be an overpowering team once again, and as quarterback Colin Kaepernick grows even more comfortable as a second-year starter, the offense is going to be unstoppable for them in many games.

But that does not mean there has to be slippage on defense. That’s where Revis comes in. When the Niners are a healthy defensive team, they have an outstanding front seven thanks to Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Carlos Rogers is an outstanding corner, but the Niners were vulnerable with Chris Culliver and Tarell Brown on the other side. If they could add Revis to their lineup, the rest of the NFC would be hard-pressed to come up with answers.

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The Jets don’t have to fight that battle. This is a team that needs quality players all over the depth chart, and the Niners have the draft choices to send the Jets’ way. The Niners have 14 draft picks after adding two more in the Alex Smith trade with Kansas City, and they are more than willing to part with several of those choices in order to get a player like Revis.

The Jets certainly can use a star in their secondary as well, but they can’t afford him. At this point, the Jets have too many needs then to hold on to this one superlative (when healthy) asset. Why not move him if you can get three new players who can make the Jets a better team?

Idzik is not beholden to Rex Ryan or any past moves the Jets have made. He doesn’t even need to make the Jets a good team in 2013.

He has to have a more long-term view if he doesn’t think the Jets can get the better of the New England Patriots and the AFC’s other elite teams in 2013.

The heat is on Idzik to upgrade the personnel, and he must show that he can make complicated and difficult trades.

How he handles the Revis situation will probably be a pretty good indicator of how well he does his job.

Idzik can’t anger Revis, the Niners or any other potential trade partners. He must handle this delicate trade scenario with savvy and sophistication to get the most out of the deal.

Then he must find the players in the draft who can get the team moving in the right direction.

A difficult job is at hand, and Idzik must show he is up to it.

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Do you trust that Idzik is up to the challenge and will make the right decisions this offseason? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below…