Julia Hoylman, 16, Tells Her Dramatic Story To CBS 2's Derricke Dennis

DOVER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A pair of quick-thinking teens are being credited with helping stop a burglary spree.

The brother and sister were home alone when thieves broke into their house.

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Julia Hoylman, a 16-year-old from Dover, scrambled to call police on a trio of burglars that had broken in and ransacked her house, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported Friday night.

DISPATCHER: “911 Operator 157, what’s the address of your emergency?”
TEEN: “Please, someone is trying to get into my home.”

Hoylman made the frantic call in fear of what would happen if the suspects found or hurt her.

TEEN: “They just knocked something down, downstairs. Oh my god, they’re coming up.”
DISPATCHER: “Okay. What’s your name ma’am?”

TEEN: “Julia.”
DISPATCHER: “Julia. Can you get into a room and lock the door?”

Hoylman did and was able to hide out in a closet and while on the phone she said she thought about her brother.

TEEN: “All I know is my brother is upstairs…”
DISPATCHER: “No, no, no, no, I want you to just stay right where you are for your safety…”

TEEN: “I promise you, I promise you…”
DISPATCHER: “My partner is actually on the line with your brother, Jacob, right now on the other phone. He’s up in the bathroom right now.”

The urgency of the 911 call put police in motion. They got to the home within two minutes and because of the teen’s good description they spotted the suspects walking down the street.

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“I’m fine. but it was pretty frightening. It was, during that moment,” Hoylman said.

Holyman’s mother was at work at the time, but rushed home after police caught two of the three suspects: 20-year-old Christian Sanchez and 27-year-old Manny Gonzales.

Still at large is 19-year-old Jefferson Cabrera.

Jefferson Cabrera (credit: Handout)

Jefferson Cabrera (credit: Handout)

So what did Holyman learn?

“Be prepared. I think knowing to call 911 right away ended up saving us and helping them catch the people,” she said.

The suspects have been linked to at least one other burglary in Dover.

Police suspect them in several more.

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