Jabbar Campbell Says He Was Accosted On More Than 1 Occasion By Officers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn man says NYPD officers are repeatedly targeting him.

Jabbar Campbell, 32, claims they assaulted him in his building in January, and, after he filed a lawsuit, showed up again last week, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Friday.

“I was completely outraged. I was upset. I couldn’t sleep,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he was holding a gay-pride party back in January, and police officers in front of his building wanted to make sure the noise was kept down. Then, he said, officers came into his lobby, turned a security camera away and proceeded to beat him with fists, flashlights and billy clubs.

“I’m getting bum-rushed by a bunch of officers and literally getting the urine beaten out of me,” Campbell said.

A party goer shot video with a cell phone. Two days later, Campbell looked different, with nine stitches to a swollen lip. The drug charges against him were later dropped.

“My face got busted up, I was held in a position where I was propped up sort of like I couldn’t hit the ground even if I wanted to because I was being held up in a shoulder lock on both arms by two other officers,” Campbell told 1010 WINS.

“One officer who’s identified as my arresting officer continues to punch me, upper cut me in my defenseless face. I have no arms to block the blows because my arms are being restricted. He continues upper cutting me in my face.”

“During the beating itself [the officers] were shouting gay epithets at him until he lost consciousness,” said Eric Subin, Campbell’s attorney.

Campbell filed suit against police, but said more men wearing police jackets, badges and guns, with no search warrant, returned last week.

“They break back into his home and perform an illegal detainment of some of Mr. Campbell’s business associates, roommates and his friends,” Subin said.

The men in blue allegedly asked if his security cameras were operational.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for, or if they were going to plant something,” Campbell said.

Campbell’s attorney said what happened to his client was a violation of the Fourth Amendment – illegal search and seizure. The NYPD’s Internal Affairs is investigating.

Campbell said he plans to sue the police department and at least nine officers for severe personal injuries.

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