Patrick Dolan To CBS 2's Tony Aiello: 'Church Needs Someone Just Like Him'

VATICAN CITY (CBSNewYork) — Imagine if your brother was inside the conclave with a chance, however small, of being elected pope.

Patrick Dolan, the brother of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, is in Rome to support his older brother and maybe witness history.

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He spoke about that possibility exclusively with CBS 2’s Tony Aiello on Tuesday.

Aiello: “Have you prayed for any particular outcome, Mr. Dolan?”

Patrick Dolan: “I’m praying very hard, put it that way.”

Vatican insiders said there is an outside chance that the Archbishop of New York could be elected pope.

“We’re all very anxious to see who steps out on that balcony,” Patrick Dolan said.

When asked how he would react if that person were to be his own brother, Dolan told Aiello “Catch me when I fall.”

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Patrick Dolan was with the cardinal Sunday for mass at Dolan’s titular church in Rome.

The Dolan brothers had Sunday lunch together and spent a few minutes with each other on Monday night.

“I got very emotional when I saw him, and I gave him a big hug, told him I love him, ‘We all love you, you know we’re praying with and for you,’ and I walked out and I just broke down. And I don’t know if it was…I don’t know what it was, but emotion just took over,” Patrick Dolan said.

He said he’s torn. He thinks his brother, viewed by many as a joyful evangelist, would make a great pope. However, he knows whoever takes office will be cut off from the ordinary moments that families enjoy, even when a member of the family is a prince of the Church.

“We know he fits the bill, but we’re very selfish at the same time. We know the Church needs someone just like him and what he has to offer, but you know we still want to see him,” Patrick Dolan said.

Patrick Dolan said he’s on pins and needles and will be until the next pope is introduced in the days ahead.

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