NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An online store has opened up for women who want a little more personal and pleasant experience than just a trip to the drugstore when they’re on their periods.

The Period Store allows women to choose from an assortment of products – traditional, alternative, international or eco-friendly, which will be delivered right to their doors. The products include general-market tampons and maxi pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, and sea sponges.

In addition to the period products, participants will also receive a 5-inch by 7-inch art print – a new one is issued each month – as well as a gourmet sweet, two tea bags, and three packets of medicine.

Co-founder Ashley Seil Smith told 1010 WINS the store has found a niche in a society where talking periods remain an awkward subject.

“We’ve had a really great response with customers, and people just being excited about talking about periods, and talking about these products that are out there,” Smith said, “because it’s 2013, but menstruation is still a bit of a taboo subject, so to have this safe place where we can talk about it as women has been really great.”

Subscribers can customize their own packages, Smith explained.

“We have four different options. There’s the just ‘Treats’ package – that includes art and then the monthly sweet we have, and then tea, and then medicine. That’s the basic package that we have. And then there’s ‘Lite,’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Heavy,’” she said.

The “Lite” package contains one period product, the “Medium” package contains two, and the “Heavy” package three.

Smith said the site creates a safe haven for women.

“We all go through these things on a very personal level, like, when you start your period, you’re in your own head – you go to the bathroom and you take care of it. But getting this package makes them feel like they’re not the only ones that are experiencing it, and it just connects us all, and it’s a nice surprise,” she said.

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