Public Works Crews On The Case, But It Only Takes One To Ruin Your Day

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — They’re a damaging hazard that can ruin a driver’s day. Potholes are making a mess of Tri-State Area roads as the spring thaw sets in.

Crews are doing their best to stay ahead of the problem, but it’s no easy task.

CBS 2’s Lou Young got a look Tuesday at some of the roughest roads for drivers.

Spring is here. If you’re in the car, brace for impact.

“This year is the worst for potholes. I can’t tell you how many potholes I’ve had to dodge, especially with a lowered car like this. The city should definitely fix them,” said Dominic Rao of Rye Brook.

Well they’re working on it.

CBS 2’s Young saw workers on the case in White Plains filling holes all day — lots of them.

When asked how many holes he has helped fill of late, White Plains Public Works worker Jose Lopez said “probably a thousand.”

Young saw one crew in one town cleaning up after the freeze and thaw pattern of a see-saw winter.

“It’s worse than last year. It freezes, pops it right out, pops the black top right out,” said worker Vincent Perez.

Last winter, though, was mild.

Public Works Commissioner Alex Sturgis in neighboring New Rochelle thinks we may have gotten a little spoiled by that.

“The previous year, or two years ago, we had that big blizzard and that long deep freeze. We had a very rough spring season,” Sturgis said.

Comparing years by the numbers, New Rochelle is filling 1,500 potholes this week, using 84 tons of asphalt fill. This time last year the volume was 1,200 holes and 76 tons of material.

Back in 2011, though, 2,400 holes and 260 tons of fill were used, so it could be worse.

But, of course, if even one hole hits the wrong way it could be as bad as it gets.

“It cost me like $700 for new tires,” driver Kathleen Willard said.

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