MASSAPEQUA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police and animal control officers in Nassau County were looking Monday for a dog that injured one woman, and killed her dog, while they were out for a walk.

As CBS 2’s John Slattery reported, in the South Shore community of Massapequa, which is already ravaged by the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, Meryl Geller this has now suffered additional heartache – having her daughter injured and her own dog killed.

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“Horrible,” Geller said. “I mean, it was my baby.”

Geller’s dog was a Yorkshire terrier named Benji, just 6 months old. He was out for a walk with Geller’s 22-year-old daughter this past Thursday, when the young woman was set upon by a larger dog.

“The dog knocked me down,” said Meryl Geller’s daughter, Lauren Geller. “The dog was taken away. From the floor, I kicked him, the dog, in his mouth; ran to the house. I heard my dog’s neck snap.”

“He mauled the terrier,” said Meryl Geller. “The dog bled to death; the side of his face all ripped.”

The marauding dog is described as looking like a pit bull, gray with white spots. Neighbors said they had never seen the dog before.

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“Never seen it before,” Lauren Geller said. “But if it’s yours, it’s going to get it.”

Animal control officers were cruising the area Monday.

Meanwhile, neighbor Julianne Whelan said her Kerry Blue has been attacked before, so when she takes him for a walk, she carries a weapon.

“I carry a bat with me,” Whelan said.

Despite the loss of her dog, the 22-year-old victim considered herself lucky, suffering only minor injuries to the back and hip.

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