An Upperclassman Came Forward, Claiming Rice Bullied Him

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Rutgers officials long knew of disgraced former head coach Mike Rice’s history of abusive behavior toward players according to a New York Times report.

Long before a video emerged showing Rice physically attacking players and verbally taunting them, an upperclassman came forward during the season to report that Rice had bullied him.

Former athletic director Tim Pernetti was well-aware of Rice’s actions and attempted to curb his behavior by assigning Rice and the team to work with a sports psychologist. Pernetti’s resignation has been met with Rutgers alumni and facility members defending the former AD.

This leaves the question of how many officials and decision-makers at Rutgers had seen the video, which was reportedly shown inside a Rutgers office on November 26. In the same New York Times report, university president Robert L. Barchi had been asked to watch the video by a senior director. Barchi said he did not see the video before last week.

The Times also reported that the FBI has met with Rutgers officials to investigate ex-Rutgers assistant coach Eric Murdock who blew the whistle on Rice. Murdock filed a lawsuit alleging he was fired for calling attention to Rice’s abusive behavior.

Murdock reportedly asked for $950,000 from the university which some have called a shakedown. Murdock and his lawyer rejected claims of a shakedown as ‘nonsense.’

Rutgers continues to find themselves in a web of controversy as details and accusations continue to emerge.

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