Fellow Democratic Hopefuls Criticize Quinn's Handling Of Negative Ad

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has fired back, one day after an outside group made up of union members and others launched a million-dollar anti-Quinn ad campaign.

Quinn said lawyers will decide if the newly registered political action committee New York City is Not For Sale violated any campaign finance rules. The group’s first ad charges that the mayoral front-runner has a record of cutting back-room deals to gain political clout.

“You’re simply not allowed to put ads on television or anywhere else that distort the truth and make factually incorrect claims, one. Two, this independent expenditure is an attempt to circumvent the gold standard campaign finance system we have in this city,” Quinn told reporters including WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane on Tuesday. “Whether they’ve threaded the needle legally or not is not really the question. This is a question about is this appropriate, should it be occurring.”

The PAC contends that Quinn’s record on issues such as living wage, paid sick leave, term limits and animal rights disqualify her for the mayoralty.

Quinn’s campaign said the outside group has strong ties to New York City Public Advocate and fellow Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio.

He bristled at the accusatory glare from the Quinn camp.

“It’s clearly an independent effort and she and her team should recognize and respect that fact,” de Blasio said.

The public advocate added that while no one is happy to see outside money in play, he said the ad’s message still resonates.

“Some of the folks who supported this ad are her former supporters who believe she’s abandoned the progressive values of this city. I think the ad speaks to the debates, the issues that are in front of New Yorkers today and people are expressing their anger,” de Blasio said. “I’m not surprised she’s in denial about how upset people are at the positions she’s taken.”

As Murnane reported, others vying for the Democratic nomination for mayor said Quinn seems controlling in this case.

“Christine Quinn helped to lead the overturning of term limits. I don’t see the inaccuracy in that. And in an attempt to blunt what the truth is, it appears as if that’s what Chris and her camp are attempting to do,” said former city comptroller and Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson. “I think it’s a bit much and it’s very over the top.”

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