NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two people were arrested after a chaotic scene erupted on a Brooklyn-bound 3 train and spilled out onto the platform.

Much of the incident was captured on cell phone video and posted to YouTube.

The incident happened Monday afternoon. Sources told the Daily News the entire melee occurred after a Muslim teen greeted a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke with “assalamu alaikum,” or “peace be upon you” and was rebuffed.

The paper cited police sources in reporting that tensions escalated after an exchange of words. The alleged victim reportedly took out his cellphone and snapped a photo of the suspect, who reportedly snatched the phone and deleted the photo.

The alleged victim reportedly was able to get his phone back and alerted the conductor and police subsequently were waiting at the Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum stop, the paper reported.

Multiple people could be seen shooting cellphone video at the subway stop as police struggled to handcuff the suspect.

Officers were seen trying to arrest the teen suspect amid a boisterous crowd, which included a woman later arrested for allegedly throwing a punch at and kicking a cop, the Daily News reported.

She reportedly was arraigned on charges including obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The first suspect was also reportedly arraigned on charges of grand larceny as a hate crime, resisting arrest and harassment.

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