Girls Who Posted Disturbing Video Have Been Suspended

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Students at a New Jersey school are still on edge after a disturbing video posted to YouTube showed a pair of 12-year-old girls reading off a hit list and graphically describing how they’d carry out their kills.

The girls — one in front of the camera and one behind it — are seen on the video listing the classmates and administrators they want to kill one by one.

“Wouldn’t you guys think I’d be the best assassin ever,” one of the girls is heard saying.

“Stab him continuously in this area,” she can be heard saying in another part of the clip.

The pair laughs often in the more than 20-minute video, but School 27 student Ashley Elizondo who was on the hit list didn’t find it funny.

“I was scared and sad because they were my first best friends,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo told CBS 2’s Amy Dardashtian that one of the girls apologized while the other said she meant what was said in the video.

Parents reluctantly let their kids go to class Friday, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

“We’re concerned parents here — the child obviously needs help,” said Angelica Marrero, whose seventh-grade daughter was also on the list. “My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares.”

“We’re scared to even bring our kids to school today,” one mother said.

“I don’t bring my children to school for them to worry about anything like this, they’re supposed to be safe when they come to school,” another mother said.

On Thursday, Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones attended a meeting at the school with parents and administrators. He said he doesn’t believe there is a real threat.

“I’ve not been apprised of any specific details, but all indications are no,” Jones said.

Parents at the school said the threats should not be taken lightly and they want swift disciplinary action.

“You can’t take threats idle because we’ve seen in the past a lot of them follow through,” parent Neil Valere said.

The two girls have been suspended. Some parents have pressed charges and police are investigating.

CBS 2 tried to speak with the parents of the girls who posted the video, but no one answered the door at their homes.

Police would not comment on the investigation because it involves juveniles.

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