NEW YORK (WLNY) — The British Royal, sometimes labeled a “bad boy,”  is showing no sign of his party boy reputation as he tours the United States.

So, is this a new Prince Harry?

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“The whole Vegas thing — it was his first so-called ‘gaffe’ for six years, and it was just before he went to Afghanistan for the second time,” said British author and commentator Imogen Lloyd Webber. “Now, you have all these reality stars they go to Vegas, they have some fun, they then don’t go into Afghanistan to fight for their country. So quite frankly, I think he was allowed to blow off steam.”

After the scandalous photos of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas went public, some in the media are labeling this trip to the states as his “rehab tour.”

But as Lloyd Webber explained, a recovery tour isn’t necessary. In fact, those across the pond wish the royals had more privacy.

“We’re always worried in the UK, we always think that actually, that the media killed Diana — that intrusive media did. We don’t like it really when he’s intruded on in such a way.”

And his reputation shouldn’t have to be repaired.

“At the end of the day, Harry is wonderful. He’s approachable, he’s accessible, he puts that spotlight on good causes, and he has a proper job,” Lloyd Webber said. “Let’s face it, very fancy young men, they don’t go fight for their country anymore.”

Harry’s ability to connect with the public is reminiscent of his mother, the incredibly charismatic Princess Diana.

“William, bizarrely, is more like his father, is more like Charles. Harry on the other hand…he’s very, very real,” Lloyd Webber said. “He brings a special something to foreign tour.”