New York Can Still Win This Series, But Why Bother?

By Jason Keidel
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Let’s review the facts…

I denounced the deal the day it happened, when Denver held a silent celebration, a corporate conga line, after shipping Carmelo Anthony to New York. And I was called an idiot.

The Nuggets have won more games than the Knicks since the trade. And I was called an idiot.

Carmelo Anthony has won one playoff series since joining the Knicks, and three his entire, 10 year career. And I was called an idiot.

I said true stars make their teams better. And I was called an idiot.

I said his game hasn’t mutated much since Syracuse. And I was called an idiot.

I said LeBron is out of his galaxy and Durant has a Secretariat-like lead. And I was called an idiot.

I said the Knicks cannot win an NBA title with Carmelo Anthony as their leader. And I was called an idiot.

I said Carmelo Anthony cannot win with any team while he’s the leader. And I was called an idiot.

I said true stars get better in bigger games. Carmelo shoots a dreadful 42 percent in the playoffs over his NBA career. And I was called an idiot.

My Twitter page reads like a pipe-fueled, Charlie Sheen monologue, filled with gibberish and unprintable insults. But I’m the idiot, you see.

Here’s your problem. You’ve invested so much in Melo, made such volcanic assertions, that to admit you’re wrong is to toss your compass into eternal disrepair. Simply, pride is the only buffer between you and the truth.

Frank Isola said it best. Last night he tweeted that Knicks fans lean on their de facto defense mechanisms: blame the refs and cackle for Copeland to play. How’s that going?

When you pay your player, you pray your player will earn his keep. Like drafting a quarterback with the first pick, dropping $100 million of precious cap cash on one man means you’ve shoved all your chips to the middle. And if he flares out, so does the franchise.

The Knicks can still win this series. But why bother? Why not die a quiet death in the Heartland rather than burn like an albino on South Beach sand?

I said the Knicks would beat Indiana. At least you got me on that one. Never has a man been so happy to be so wrong.

Look at the bright side, you can keep calling me an idiot. And I can keep saying I told you so.

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