'It's Just Great To Be A Father,' Says Dad John Edwards

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On this Father’s Day, what would you say makes your dad the best?

CBS 2’s Janelle Burrell posed that question Sunday to some children in Chelsea.

Thinley Edwards, 7, thought there was no better way to kick off Father’s Day than with a skateboard ride through the neighborhood. He said that makes his dad number one.

“He skateboards with me, and he swims with me, and he bikes with me, and he surfs with me, and he snowboards with me,” Thinley said.

His little brother, Pema, summed up his dad as simply, “Fun.”

And what does their father, John Edwards, have to say about it all?

“It’s just great to be father,” Edwards said. “It’s great to be able to celebrate it all together.”

Meanwhile, James Hetherington had his hands full Sunday with three boys – Charlie, Archie and Hugo – none of them yet 5 years old. Another baby is also on the way.

“Life’s busy,” Hetherington said.

So for the boys, what about their dad puts him over the top?

“Because I like to play with him,” Charlie said.

“I like playing baseball,” added Archie.

Added Hetherington: “I’m very lucky. I’m very blessed to be with these three little guys. They’re everything.”

And many dads said the best gift is a day off and getting to spend time with their little ones.

“This type of quality time is just irreplaceable,” said Tom Grady.

Grady was celebrating his second Father’s Day Sunday with his bouncing twins, Grace and Keegan. What a difference a year makes, he said.

“They were really premature, so they were still in the hospital,” Grady said. And today: “Look at them. They’re awesome .”

And Ava Hagstrom, 3, is still a bit young to give a detailed assessment about what makes her dad a standout. But she knows how to make her father Chris Hagstrom’s heart melt.

“Happy Father’s Day, daddy!” Ava said.

In the eyes of their kids, the dads are all number one.

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