NEW YORK (WLNY) — Looking for a satisfying getaway but can’t quite make it out of the city? Nicole Lapin, editor-in-chief of, has the perfect staycation solutions to itch that travel bug.

She visited The Couch to share her tips with us.

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1. Dining in: Satisfy the junk food craving and stay healthy by setting out all the fixings for make-your-own pizza: whole wheat crust, skim-milk mozzarella, basil, and fresh veggies. And, okay, homemade margaritas or sangria can’t hurt either. It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your loved ones. Keep it classy and set the table with cloth napkins and decorate with tea lights. You can order your alcohol essentials through, a new (and free) alcohol-delivery service in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Have wine, beer and liquor at your door in 30-60 minutes so the party never runs out!

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own City: You don’t need to take a fancy destination vacation to have fun with your family this summer. Try a staycation instead, and be a tourist in your own city! You might be surprised at the things you miss about this place rushing around every day. Rooftop bars, outdoor movies, minor league baseball games and programs like CityPASS can turn a normal day into a vacation vibe.

3. Shape Up: We’re all about “pay as you go” gym memberships which can be purchased at many gyms in packs of 10 or 20. Not only are they a cheaper alternative to a full membership, especially while on a staycation; they’re also a better value because you’re not paying for the days that you don’t use them. OR if you’re not into gyms, buy a great health and fitness book, like Liz Vaccariello’s The Digest Diet. She has an entire chapter dedicated to do-at-home exercises that require no money and no costly equipment, as well as healthy recipes that are easily prepared and give you quick results!

4. Get your coupon on with Groupon: You don’t feel guilty printing every Groupon offer for the spa or a dinner deal for girl’s night out, so why feel guilty about bringing one along on your next date? You might be thinking “tacky,” but you’re wrong – instead think “thrifty.” Print the coupon out and hand it to the waiter before you sit down and get the deal without having to pull that awkward piece of paper out of your purse at the end of the night. Not only will you look like a savvy Recessionista, but you will also earn some major points with your loved one who is paying for your dinner.


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