Witnesses Say He Checked On The Body And Then Ordered A Cheeseburger

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man in his late 60s met a sudden death during a morning bike ride on Friday, near the corner of 6th Avenue and 65th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

A white flat bed truck hit the cyclist as it was rounding the corner, police said, and then kept going.

Witnesses told CBS 2’s Steve Langford that the driver stopped further up the street, and came back to take a look at the victim.

“I just saw someone pull over here,” Rocky Chong said. “He just walked right down there and he just walked right back and drove off.”

Other witnesses said that the driver continued to make deliveries and even ordered a snack.

“He ordered a cheeseburger, and a chicken gyro, and chicken,” Maggie Zhent said.

Shortly after placing his big order the driver was nabbed by cops. The owner of the truck was contacted by CBS 2 and was shocked to hear about the deadly accident.

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