Plan On Catching Big Blue On TV At Rick's Cabaret? Plan Something Else

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You know it’s bad when a strip joint doesn’t even offer solace.

The Giants are the talk of the town these days, but for no reasons good. At 0-5 and with their season looking more and more like a train wreck with each passing day, they are drawing the ire of their fans and are becoming the butt of certain jokes usually reserved for the Jets.

Now, as if things couldn’t possibly get worse, they are banned from the airwaves at a popular gentleman’s club in Manhattan.

Yes, it’s true. We swear.

Following Big Blue’s bad 36-21 loss to Philadelphia on Sunday, Rick’s Cabaret, a Midtown strip club, decided it would not show Giants games on its many high-definition and big screen TVs for the rest of the season.

“After five straight losses the Rick’s Cabaret girls noticed that the customers were actually depressed and upset, particularly after yesterday’s game,” club spokesperson Lonnie Hanover told 1010 WINS on Monday. “I know that the Rick’s Cabaret girls like the Giants. Our customers like the Giants. But it was the customers during the second half of Sunday’s game who were actually asking to turn the TVs off.”

The Giants are one of four winless teams in the NFL and could easily be 0-6 by the end of Thursday night’s game in Chicago against the Bears (3-2), who are very talented but have lost two in a row.

The employees at Rick’s told the NY Post it’s hard out there when the Giants leave their clientele feeling blue.

“It has become too painful to watch the Giants lose week after week,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl “Monica” told the Post.

“Nobody throws a party better than Rick’s Cabaret. We are all about fun, and it’s no fun watching the Giants anymore,” added Rick’s Cabaret Girl “Lindsay.” “We love the Giants, but they get the crowd at our weekend football viewing parties all depressed.”

“Alexandra” said everything was fine Sunday, until the Giants allowed the Eagles to score 17 unanswered points to end the game.

“There’s like a hundred sexy, topless girls here and everyone was exceedingly happy until it became clear during the second half that Eli Manning and the Giants were going to lose again,” she told the Post.

Hanover, the club’s spokesman, said the establishment just feels the customer is always right.

“We just don’t want any negativity in the club. It’s a fun place. It’s all about positive, great times,” Hanover told 1010 WINS.

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