NEW YORK (WLNY) — Many of us are guilty of “stress eating” or experiencing emotional food cravings. But how do you stop them in order to lose weight?

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Dr. Susan Albers stopped by to talk about her new book on the subject, ‘Eat. Q.’ She educate us on how to help curb cravings. Here are some of her tips:

E (Eat Mindfully)

1.       Use your non-dominant hand to eat.  A recent study showed that this strategy can reduce your eating by 30%.  This action breaks up the automatic hand to mouth flow.  You have to think about each bite similar to writing with your opposite hand.

2.       Also, reconsider you cutlery. A recent study showed that yogurt was rated sweeter, more liked, denser and more expensive when eaten off a white light spoon.  Simple swaps to your eating utensils can change your sensory experience.

A (Act Consciously) 

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1.       Tip: Eat off of red plates.  Studies show that when you see red, you mind automatically says stop!  This study compared blue, white and red plates and found that people ate the most off of white plates and the least off of red.

2.       Impulse control is something you can build through practice.  Play the game “Simon Says” with yourself throughout the day.  Take a few steps and say “stop.”  Or when you are taking a drink of water say “stop” to yourself.  This will help you to “stop” and actually do it when you are eating because you’ve build up your impulse control.

T (Think Decisively)

1.       Eat your favorite food last.  Studies show that you remember the last bite you eat best because it is still fresh in your memories.

2.       There is a 7 second delay between making a decision to eat at being aware of it.  Even thought you might feel a little silly, close your eyes for just a second when making a food decision.  This blocks out extra sensory information so you can focus your mind on making a good decision without other distractions.

Q (Quell Cravings)

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1)      Cool off cravings instantly by what I call “Reframing the Craving.”  Put a different slant on your tongues expectations.  For example, think of a layer of whip cream icing to be shaving cream or chocolate to have a dirt flavor.  Whalla, instant cooking down of cravings.