(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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Boomer and Craig were not at a loss for topics to discuss while opening up this action-packed edition of the Morning Extravaganza.

With Boomer in the room, the ‘low-hanging fruit’ that is the Rangers’ loss to the Devils needed to be addressed right off the top, which it was.  Needless to say the Booms was not happy with his beloved Blueshirts losing to the lowly Devils, on their home ice nonetheless, so Craig allowed him to vent a bit, but did needle his radio partner about the loss – which is always entertaining.

Eventually Craig managed to shift gears and proposed the idea of the Jets bringing recently released Ed Reed into the fold, reuniting the future Hall of Famer with his old defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.  Craig was all for it – saying it would send a message to the loyal fan base (Craig loves when franchises send ‘messages’), while Boomer refused to fully endorse the move, citing that Reed’s best year’s are far behind him.

Craigie then felt obligated to bring some bad news to the table, as the Phillies set the market on free-agent outfielders by giving Marlon Byrd a reported two-year deal worth $16 million, which doesn’t bode well for the Mets and their pursuit of Curtis Granderson.

That brought us to tonight’s Knicks-Hawks game down in Atlanta, a game which James Dolan, the executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company (he owns the Knicks), guaranteed the Knickerbockers would win. So there’s that…