Host Calls Play Of Putrid Wide Receivers And Quarterbacks 'Not Pro Football'

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Considering how bad the Jets have been over the last few weeks, it’s hard to disagree.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa lit into Rex Ryan’s struggling team during his opening monologue on Monday, one day after Gang Green was humiliated 23-3 by the average at best Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium.

“That performance yesterday just sums it up. Their performance in the last couple of weeks, I’m sorry, if your name is Ryan; if your name is Idzik; if your name is Mornhinweg, you should be embarrassed. You cannot call that an NFL performance,” Francesa said.

The Jets have now lost three games in a row following their surprising 5-4 start and though they are mathematically still alive would likely need a miracle to make the playoffs.

New York has been outscored 79-20 during its losing streak and has been especially inept offensively, not finding the end zone since since the fourth quarter of its 37-14 loss at Buffalo on Nov. 17.

“It is so ineffective, so minor league, it’s hysterical,” Francesa said.

At the center of the problems has been the play at quarterback. Geno Smith was benched in the second half of Sunday’s loss. Smith has completed 39 percent of his throws on the strength of just 29 completions over his last four games. The rookie signal-caller has not thrown a touchdown pass since the Jets’ 30-27 overtime win over New England on Oct. 20.

“That isn’t even bad offense. That is offense on such a horrific level, on such an incompetent level. That is quarterback play on such an incompetent level by Geno Smith. He had nobody open and if he did he couldn’t have gotten it there, anyway,” Francesa said.”

Francesa said performances by much-maligned Mark Sanchez were “artistry” compared to what Smith has done during the Jets’ tailspin.

“Geno has a better chance of being struck by lightning on the field than of throwing a touchdown pass,” Francesa added. “He has a better chance of winning the lottery tonight than he does of throwing a 30-yard pass crisply, on time, to a wide receiver.”

Matt Simms stepped in the third quarter Sunday but went just 9-of-18 for 79 yards and an interception the rest of the way. Ironically, he was the last Jets’ QB to throw a touchdown, albeit in garbage time in the aforementioned game against the Bills.

Ryan, who could very well be coaching for his job over the final four games of the season, ended the speculation early Monday, as Smith told reporters he will start the game against visiting Oakland.

But things better change in a hurry.

“They are now just a dreadful, dreadful, unimaginative, awful [offense] just without a weapon, without any explosiveness, without any clue, and it’s painful to see Rex Ryan stand there now and try to tell you … because it’s like he has a total disconnect as head coach from his offense,” Francesa said. “It’s almost like the offense happens to him and he watches it and then tries and struggles to explain what he was watching.”

Francesa said of all the struggles the Jets have had on offense in the past, what happened Sunday set a new standard for ineptitude.

“If you didn’t coach all week, if you picked the players out of a hat and they had never played together before they could have played better than that. If they had never met, if they grabbed the uniforms and positions by lot, they would play better than that,” Francesa said.

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