CEDAR GROVE, N.J. (CBSNewYork)A New Jersey mother who was arrested following an underage party in her home last month has maintained she should not have been punished for the incident.

CBS 2 has obtained 911 calls from that night that reveal Susan Cuffari and her boyfriend called the police to their own home to help disperse the crowd.

As CBS 2’s Christine Sloan reported Friday, the Cedar Grove mom claims that a Nov. 16 party started as a simple pizza party for her daughter and 25 of her friends, but quickly got out of control.

Caller: “Across the street from my house right now, there is a large, large party of teenagers…and quiet a few of them appear to be intoxicated.”

Cuffari has said the backyard party got out of hand because word of it got out on social media.

Caller: “The owner here gave permission for the daughter to have a party, but it’s getting ridiculous. There’s alcohol, they’re smoking weed. There’s at least like over 150 kids here. We’re talking about 15-year-olds.”

“I am very confused because I called the police and I couldn’t understand why I ended up being arrested,” Cuffari told Sloan last month.

Cuffari had to face a disorderly persons offense in court. She said she also faced embarrassment from her neighbors, who also called 911 for help breaking up the gathering.

Caller: “There was a big party with all these kids right behind our house, and they’re running through.”
Operator: “Officers are out there now.”

Caller: “There’s a bunch of kids at 55 running through our yard, running through.”
Operator: “We have officers there.”

Cuffari, 50, insists one of the responding officers is also the high school football coach, and that he misquoted her in a police report.

The report said Cuffari “allowed her daughter to have a few friends over to drink alcoholic beverages,” a claim she denies.

The police department did not respond to several requests for comment.

High school officials said at the time of the incidents that they don’t comment on personnel matters, but that students involved would face disciplinary action.

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