NEW YORK (WLNY) — The key to success is a productive morning.

Life and business coach Leah Jantzen joined us on The Couch to explain why successful entrepreneurs are productive morning people.

Some of her tips:

1) Get things done the night before:  You can never be too prepared to the morning; get your gym bag packed, laptop ready to go, kids’ backpacks and lunches packed, lay out outfit for work, etc.

2) Find a way to ease into your day, especially if getting out of bed is difficult.  Whether its your morning cup of coffee, meditation or a walk around the block, find that joyful part of your morning routine and make time for it.

3) Don’t dive into your email.  You inbox is filled with OTHER people’s agendas–stick to your to-do list and save your inbox until as late as possible.  Most likely an emergency is not going to come via email so it can wait.

4) Wake up 20-30 minutes earlier–this extra time will give you wiggle room so you’re not rushing–painful at first but so worth it

5) Go to bed and wake up around the same time every day

6) Use the morning as a time to plan the day or the week

For more tips from Leah, visit her website


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