NEW YORK (WFAN) — WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts were happy to welcome Fox NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw to the program on Tuesday so they could take a break from talking about Alex Rodriguez.

But the four-time Super Bowl champion couldn’t help but offer his two cents on A-Rod, who has been suspended for the 2014 season and has filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association

“I don’t know why he’s being so stupid,” Bradshaw told Joe & Evan. “But then again, he’s stupid. He took that stuff. Why, I have no clue. And he got caught. Say ‘I’m sorry’ to the world, and you deserve your punishment. Take all the money — I’m sure you haven’t spent over $200 million — and retire. You can afford it. You’re not gonna save your career.”

Rodriguez has admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs from 2001-03, when he was a member of the Texas Rangers. He’s denied obtaining or using banned substances from Biogenesis.

“The image you’ve cultivated in the last four years is not going away,” Bradshaw said. “It’s gone. Basically you’re a cheater, you got caught at it and you didn’t need to do it. So there you go. Shame on you, Alex Rodriguez.”

The highly-entertaining Steelers legend then offered his take on this weekend’s AFC and NFC Championship Games.

But after dissecting the upcoming Broncos-Patriots tilt and breaking down the Seahawks-49ers matchup, Benigno asked the two-time Super Bowl MVP if he considers himself a Hall of Famer (which, of course, he is).

His answer might surprise you.

“Do I think (I’m a Hall of Famer)? No, not really,” Bradshaw told the radio duo. “I’ve changed my thinking on that, simply because I see such incredible numbers being put out. I’ve (won championships), but I’ve got a feeling that in our modern society, with all the technology that we have, we’re so caught up.

“QBR, that’s all electronic, putting in a point thing and an average pass and a touchdown to interception, and so on and so forth. And I’m looking at, ‘Is winning and losing involved in that QBR?’ … I’ve had a little bit of change of heart on that, because I see our game now (as) — as some people have called it — a fantasy-league game.”

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