Former Mohegan tribal chairman Bruce Bozsum’s time at Mohegan Sun has made him no stranger to entertainment, but he will be moving to a new medium tonight when he stars in the latest episode of Undercover Boss. Bozsum spoke about the experience with WTIC 1080’s Ray Dunaway.

Bruce Bozsum will be the latest executive venturing into his own business in disguise to get a new perspective on Undercover Boss, airing Friday January 17th at 8pm on CBS.  He admitted the experience was something very new for him.  “It was quite a job,” he said. “Interesting and scary all at the same time.”

While Mohegan Sun’s casinos are a major presence in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, the business has always been very hands-on, like a big family.  “I spend a lot of time down there [the casinos], meeting with everybody, helping out and trying to talk to people,” he said. “I go to a lot of personal family functions throughout the casino, I try to stay involved with everybody.  I like doing that.”

This proved to be the biggest challenge for Bozsum… when everyone knows who he is, how could he go undercover?  “That was a big challenge from the beginning,” he recalled. “We weren’t sure if we could even do the show, but they do such a good job with makeovers.  Mine was very challenging, because everybody knows me, but we did such a transformation that my own son didn’t recognize me.”

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