NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — What are the odds?

Denver and Seattle are 1,300 miles apart, but not on West 33rd Street where you’ll find two bars sitting side by side, Stout catering to Broncos fans, while Feile attracts Seahawks fans.

Noelle Mooney, part-owner of both bars, told 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern that the rivalry has really ramped up as the Super Bowl nears. “There’s a little bit of challenging going on between some of them. It’s like ‘I’m gonna make you wear my jersey when I win, I’m gonna make you eat your words you win.'”

Melissa Gatto, who tends the bar for the Seahawks crowd, says no matter who wins there will be cheering on West 33rd Street on Sunday night. “There’s definitely going to be crazy amounts of partying in here, if, well at either bar, which ever one wins.”

While Gatto is over at Feile, her roommate Wesley Fisher is bar tending at Stout, Stern reported. “We talked about having the other march around in a jersey for a week or two, or like, having to wear the opposing team’s colors, stuff like that,” Fisher said.

Gatto says she’s praying the Seahawks win or else she’ll never hear the end of it. “He’s the type of person that if his team wins, oh he will make sure that everyone knows that his team won and his team is the best.”

Feile manager Bonnie Rosales told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond that she has a wager with Stout manager Elizabeth Nelles if the Seahawks win.

“The deal is that I’m supposed to drink the shot and I’m supposed to get on the top of the bar with a Seahawks jersey on me,” Nelles said.

Mooney says she is sure that regardless of who wins the game, customers at both bars will be civilized. “I guess the stars aligned for us this year.”

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