NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Imagine never running out of gas again even if your tank is empty.

A new product that promises to help drivers avoid this scenario is about to hit the market, CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois reported.

Running out of gas can be a frustrating and scary experiences. It’s one of the top reasons people get stranded according to the Automobile Association of America.

“We do get ‘out of gas’ calls. Especially when the gasoline hit four dollars a gallon,” Robert Sinclair explained.

When it gets too expensive to fill up a lot of people misjudge their gas gauge and get stranded.

“That can be a very bad situation and weather conditions such as we’ve had recently. A breakdown can be more than just an inconvenience,” Sinclair said.

The creators of a product called Magic Tank claim to have a new type of fuel that isn’t flammable and serves as an emergency gas substitute.

“Magic Tank is an emergency fuel that you keep in your car in case you’re running out of gas or run out of gas,” Magic Tank CEO Steve Bistritzky explained, “It’s got a ten year shelf like. You stick it in the trunk it’s like a spare tire.”

Bistritzky says the product is made from gasoline but with the most volatile components, like butane, removed so it can’t catch fire.

“It will give you roughly between ten and twenty miles to get you to the next station to fill up,” Bistritzky said.

A half gallon of Magic Tank gives you the equivalent of a half gallon of gas. The downside is that if you’re car has been sitting out in frigid temperatures all night Magic Tank may not work.

The product works best when you have just run out of gas and the engine is still warm.

“It’s very clever and it deals with a problem that can come up for some people chronically,” Sinclair said.

To avoid causing serious damage to your engine AAA recommends keeping your gas tank more than a quarter full at all times, filling up before going on a long trip, and getting rid of excess weight from the trunk which can burn more fuel. But, if all else fails there is always magic tank.

“It’s a smart insurance policy to have in your car,” Bistrizky said.

Magic Tank is expected to hit most major retailers in March. It currently sells for about $30 online.

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