NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn man who bought a dashcam video system claims it was worth every penny.

As CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported Friday, the driver, Abraham, said he’s using the video to settle the score with a police officer who he claims gave him a ticket for no reason.

It all started with a left turn executed from Metropolitan Avenue on to Marcy Avenue, caught on camera from inside Abraham’s car.

Then, Abraham is pulled over and the officer confronts him, saying otherwise. Abraham said he told the officer that he had a camera recording.

Abraham: “I was in the turning lane?”

Officer: “No. You weren’t.”

The camera’s video shows Abraham made a left turn in the proper lane, Carlin reported.

Abraham said he bought the dashcam for about $150 because he has a job going from place to place. Whenever his car’s engine is on, it is recording.

The officer ticketed Abraham for an improper turn, which carries a $138 fine, a 3-point penalty on his license and could raise his insurance sky-high.

A police spokesman said the case is under review.

Abraham said he is looking forward to his day in Traffic Court and that he plans to bring the video.

“I have proof — all of those innocent people, they didn’t install video, and they can’t prove it, and they are innocent,” Abraham said.

Abraham said he thinks everyone should have a dashcam video system in their car.

“Without a camera, I would be guilty 100 percent,” he said.

Retired NYPD detective sergeant and John Jay College professor Joseph Giacalone agreed.

“Having something on video surveillance would definitely help your case,” Giacalone said.

Giacalone said more personal dashcams are out there as they become more affordable.

“New technology is changing not only the way police do surveillance, but also the way the public does surveillance of the police,” he said.

Thus, wherever you roll, someone’s camera is likely rolling too.

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