NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Now everyone can be happy with their selfie.

As CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported, a handful of new smartphone apps are allowing people to appear prettier, younger, even thinner in photos.

“I want to feel good about something I’m sending out,” said Susan Green, inventor of SkinneePix, an app that helps users appear thinner.

“We wanted it to almost be an instant Photoshop,” she added.

With the swipe of a key, SkinneePix and other new apps will slim your photo down by 5 to 15 pounds.

The results are subtle, trimming down waistlines and chiseling cheeks and jawlines.

Twenty-six-year-old Tara Prindiville is a big fan.

“Even the most gorgeous women that I know always have some small insecurity,” she said.

Prindiville said the slight appearance of weight reduction in her photos helps put her best face forward.

“It’s just another app to help you feel more confident when you’re posting things for your friends to see,” she said.

If that’s not enough, the app Pixtr can make users’ facial features more symmetrical, brighten skin and provide “glowier” complexion to look younger.

Pixtr, along with new apps such as Facetune, Perfect 365 and Modiface, uses facial-recognition software to make adjustments such as slimming down noses and jawlines and fading freckles and wrinkles to create a more “aesthetically pleasing” face.

The apps are also growing in popularity among men.

In this digital age, some say altering a photo is no different than exaggerating accomplishments on social media.

“I like people to embrace who they are and feel good about who they are naturally,” said Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a child and family psychologist.

“What I say to that is it’s a very personal thing,” Green said. “And each individual has to decide.”

Green said her app can actually help people achieve weight-loss goals because they see their “future self.”

“It’s very motivational for me, and I hope that other people are able to use it in the same way,” she said.

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