NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Despite the wet weather many area parades stepped off Friday in celebration of Independence Day.

As CBS 2’s Diane Macedo reported, gray skies could not put a damper on patriotic pride in Ridgewood, N.J.

Spectators were willing to brave any weather conditions for their favorite Fourth of July parade.

Ridgewood resident Jeff Wilson said his town’s Fourth of July parade is so popular “Because everybody just gets into it, it’s so much fun. Everybody’s happy and having a great time.”

Wilson said people put chairs out to hold their spots for up to a week in advance, just to ensure a front row seat.

“I come here every single year at the same spot. This is our spot,” said Gina Sforza.

This year the tradition got a little more complicated due to stormy weather, but residents still found ways to secure their seats — literally.

“You’ll see some that are linked together with ropes,” said Randy Carol.

“Pretty simple, just tie them up to the pole,” said Rob Miller.

While the weather may have interrupted festivities elsewhere, in Ridgewood the parade release said rain or shine and residents told Macedo that’s exactly how they like it.

“Weather or not, we’re going to be here,” said Carol.

“That’s why I’ve got my cool hat on,” said Wilson.

And some paradegoers are so hardcore, they venture in from out of state and even out of the country.

“I came all the way from Queens, New York just to see the Ridgewood parade the third year in a row,” said Karen Kapowski.

“I’m from South Africa, Capetown in South Africa, and I planned my holiday with my daughter so I could be here to watch the Fourth of July parade,” said Gary Irlam.

Luckily, Ridgewood didn’t disappoint. Despite a few raindrops, the parade, an annual tradition since 1910, went off without a hitch and the town promised a brilliant fireworks display as well.

The weather also didn’t stop residents in Stewart Manor, Long Island from celebrating the Fourth of July.

As CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport reported, big umbrellas, soaked towels and underwater goggles were the apparel of choice for the town’s July Fourth parade.

“Yeah, becasue it’s raining like crazy over here,” one spectator said.

Under a steady rain and a steady beat, young and old shaked, shimmied and twisted the day away.

“My Fourth of July is great, even in the rain,” another spectator said.

Even a water gun fight broke out, Rapoport reported.

“Rain is not anywhere. You have sunshine in your heart, so it doesn’t matter when it rains. It’s good for the plants. It’s good for us,” said Barbie Gelman, who was decked in red, white and blue.

There were also burgers, hot dogs and brews on hand and a dry place to enjoy them under a tent that was set up.

“As long as the beer’s flowing, I don’t care if it rains or snows. I’m good,” one attendee said.

So it was Fourth of July in Stewart Manor, where despite the deluge, the forecast called for fun.

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