WATERTOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — New Sheetrock and bare cement floors — that’s what Connecticut’s fledgling medical marijuana industry looked like as of June, WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reported.

Some growers have reported struggles in establishing their businesses.

“I was trying to hire an executive assistant, and there was a firm in New York City that said that they would not deal with me because of the industry that I was in,” said Theraplant President and chief executive officer Ethan Ruby, who is putting the finishing touches on a multimillion-dollar facility in Watertown.

“We still have that somewhat backwards thinking that this is not a medicine,” Ruby said.

Connecticut approved medical marijuana in 2012. Nearly 2,000 patients have registered for the treatment.

William Rubenstein, Connecticut’s consumer protection commissioner, said his agency’s strict oversight should set people at ease.

“We treat medical marijuana as we treat other controlled pharmaceutical substances,” he said.

Ruby said, given widespread support for medical pot programs, all the industry needs is time.

“I think we’re right in the middle of the tipping point,” he said.

Security is another major concern for growers.

Among the measures being taken at Advanced Grow Labs in West Haven to protect against stealing: Some employees’ uniforms lack pockets.

“Security is a very big component — exterior, perimeter-wise, but also for any internal theft or diversion as well,” said David Lipton, managing partner of Advanced Grow Labs.

Ruby said at his facility, keypads, iris scanners and cameras are keeping watch.

“Every square inch of the facility is monitored twice,” he said.

Added Angela D’Amico, co-founder of D&B Wellness in Bethel: “We have the same level of security as a bank would have.”

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