CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — We’ve all seen it – people with expensive cars parking sideways across two spaces.

But as CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported, one fed-up man in Clifton, New Jersey, found a harmless way to get revenge.

“Right there, in that parking space over there, there was somebody sitting there taking up two spots,” said Kyle DeMattia of Clifton.

DeMattia was in no mood to let the owner of a brand new white Corvette slide after taking up, not one, but two parking spots in the parking lot at a neighborhood restaurant.

So DeMattia creatively parked his muddy white Jeep in what remained of one of the two spots the Corvette took up anyway. He parked in such a fashion where he was straddling the walkway next to the parking spot.

The photo of DeMattia’s parking retribution was all over social media afterward, and generated thousands of comments.

“Because this guy had a Corvette, he felt that he was entitled to take two parking spaces,” said Pam Holloway of Paterson, New Jersey.

“I hate when people do that,” said Carlos Grajales of Harrison, New Jersey.

“He’s just trying to show him I guess, that, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m going to park next to you anyway,” added Jennifer Esser of Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

DeMattia said he never talked to the Corvette’s driver face to face.

“If I could, I would say, ‘Hey, it’s nothing personal. But I just did it because it was funny,’” he said.

Some people said they have a problem with the Corvette driver parking as he did in a prime front-row spot. They say if he wanted to keep his car safe, he could have probably found an area where there were no cars around him.

“He was sending a not-so-subtle message,” said etiquette expert Thomas Farley.

Farley said the parking incident was causing a sensation online because people are fed up with those who act in ways that seem greedy or thoughtless.

“We’re all on camera all the time, and we’re being watched, so we have to mind out P’s and Q’s,” Farley said.

DeMattia said people would be wise to stick with good manners.

“Hopefully, it does make a few people think twice about it,” he said.

The Corvette driver had not come forward as of Wednesday night.

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