NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — She’s Judy DeAngelis…

1010 WINS’ morning anchor Judy DeAngelis, who has been waking New Yorkers up for the past 26 years, will get to sleep in Wednesday for the first time in nearly 30 years.

For more than a quarter of a century, DeAngelis’ alarm clock has gone off at 2 a.m. and yet morning editor Jim Maloney said she’s all energy and enthusiasm and at her best when news is breaking.

“Very fast on her feet, very quick and just a real professional,” Maloney said.

Morning anchor Lee Harris marvels at her tremendous focus and grace under pressure.

“On the most horrible days we’ve had here, even 9/11, Judy really takes command of the situation as a clear, strong voice and calming influence on people,” Harris said. “That is a tough quality to replace.”

From the beginning, Tom Offer has written stories for DeAngelis and then heard her speak those words on the radio.

“Her delivery, her voice was so recognizable and familiar to New Yorkers,” Offer said. “She left a mark and she will be missed.”

Brigitte Quinn, who will replace DeAngelis on the 1010 WINS morning team, admits it’s an intimidating task.

“I’m sitting next to Judy this morning looking at her and saying, ‘This is the woman I listen to every morning, this is her,'” Quinn said. “It’s an honor.”

She began in radio on Long Island at WALK. DeAngelis then headed to New York City where she was first hired by WCBS-FM and then WNBC-AM, where she worked with the greats like Don Imus, Soupy Sales, Alan Colmes, Joey Reynolds and others.

After WNBC became WFAN, DeAngelis joined 1010 WINS as their number one female morning drive anchor in 1988.

New Yorkers will miss hearing her familiar voice in the mornings.

“Every morning when I’m getting dressed for work, I look forward to hearing ‘I’m Judy DeAngelis.’ This morning I felt sad to think that I won’t hear it anymore…It is part of my morning routine! Enjoy your retirement! I will miss your cheery voice,” Mariah Lyn wrote on the 1010 WINS Facebook page.

Judy’s was the voice that welcomed to the New York metro area when I moved here in 2008. I’ve been listening to her ever since. Congratulations on your retirement, Judy, but we’ll miss you!” wrote Michael Leinoff.

Judy, you are part of the fabric of our lives. Your voice, both comforting and easy going, has been with us for so long, you are family. My sincerest wish is for you to have a very long and extremely happy retirement. Bless you,” wrote Rich Lando.

To share your favorite “This is Judy DeAngelis” moment, and wish her well visit the 1010 WINS Facebook page.

In response to the more than 200 messages on Facebook, DeAngelis said, “Many, many thanks to everyone for their kind and encouraging words. I am overwhelmed, but ever so grateful.”

Now Judy, go get some sleep!

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