By Giorgio Panetta, CBS 2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Hello everyone!

Today will be a very cold day. Tomorrow will be even colder. But first, lets talk about the SNOW last night and early this morning — most of us received a coating on some cold surfaces, but some folks to the north got a little more (2 inches or so.)

So if you have early drive this morning, you’re going to want some extra time. Everyone is driving in some slick conditions for the first time since last spring.

Sunshine will feed temps warming into only the 40s today. A stiff wind will only drive the “real feel” down to the mid 30s. Grab the heavier coat and gloves before you leave today.

(Credit: CBS2)

(Credit: CBS2)

Wake-up feels-like Saturday is expected to be in the teens for almost all. Sunday warm up a bit with some added clouds and yet another chance at weather rears its head for Monday.


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