NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mind your manners.

That’s the essence of what New Yorkers should expect to be hearing from the Metropolitan Transit Authority when it rolls out a new campaign to get subway riders to be courteous to their fellow passengers.

Among the behaviors they’re hoping to correct: Hogging multiple seats and taking over the entire pole in a subway car. The MTA will also urge riders to take their backpacks off when entering the train to avoid bumping into people.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told 1010 WINS you can expect to see the campaign on the subway in January. The agency is still working on the exact phrasing of the message.

Subway riders, like Jacob, told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon they wouldn’t mind reminders about other annoying subway behaviors.

“Like eating and just not moving out of the doorway…being in the way,” he said.

Lisa Renee, of Brooklyn, said backpacks aren’t so bad and hopes the MTA isn’t thinking about regulating bag sizes.

“We don’t want a police state where you can only bring a 2-by-2 bag like the airports,” she said. “You can just be aware of other people around you. You have to share this space with several other million people.”

Lisa added that she’s dreading the day that people can carry on phone conversations for the whole ride, Rincon reported.

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