NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It’s a never-ending search for the ultimate products that can deliver perfect, ageless skin.

Now, as CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, American women are looking to the Far East and discovering that some very surprising ingredients may just hold their passport to beauty.

Like many women, Ellen White is always on the lookout for beauty products that can work magic in her battle against skin problems, imperfections and aging.

“It’s really made a difference in my opinion,” she said.

Now, White is turning to some very out-of-the-ordinary skincare products all imported from the Far East.

“Some of the ingredients that they use in Asia are very unusual,” dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman said.

Mung bean, green tea and kelp are just a few of the exotic compounds that could hold the secret to healthy, soft and youthful skin.

Dr. Jaliman says there are others.

“Snail mucus is a very important ingredient in Asia. It’s something that was never in the U.S. market,” Dr. Jaliman said.

Dr. Jaliman says escargot-infused cream has naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, which encourages cell turnover and is a potent anti-aging complex. It’s also moisturizing and feels smooth on the skin.

“Americans are wanting to emulate Asians and use all the skincare that comes from Asia,” she said.

Other products containing ingredients like bamboo sap, fermented yeast and sake are becoming more common at mainstream retailers.

“American brands are taking note. Now, we see sheet masks and snail cream and cushion compacts. And we see bigger western brans using Asian-inspired innovative products,” Charlotte Cho said, co-founder of Sokoglam.

“If you find a product that agrees with your skin, and it doesn’t cause irritation, doesn’t cause redness or itching, I think it’s great to try them,” Dr. Jaliman said.

After such positive results, White says she’s eager to try others.

“This just sort of opened up the world to me that maybe there’s some other products in the same line that could reduce other problems that I have that I’d like to address,” she said.

It’s always best to check with your dermatologist before making major changes to your skincare regimen.

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