MAMARONECK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Officials in Rye and Mamaroneck are trying to come up with a solution for the growing number of deer in residential areas.

As WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported, it’s common in some parts of Rye and Mamaroneck to turn down a street and find a dozen deer on a front lawn.

“It’s very nice to see Bambi or something like that, but we’re not talking about Bambi; we’re talking about a threat to the general population here,” said Village of Mamaroneck Mayor Norman Rosenblum.

Rosenblum said he’s concerned about car accidents, Lyme disease and an increase in coyote sightings.

But how to thin the herd?

“Because of the density in population, you can’t go out shooting the deer,” Rosenblum said.

While bow hunting might not be an option, the mayor said he wouldn’t rule out relocation or contraception.

“I wouldn’t say no to anything,” Rosenblum said. “The situation is that something must be done. We’re literally being overrun by deer.”

Rye and Mamaroneck are asking Westchester County and the state to come up with a plan.


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