CLARK, N.J.(CBSNewYork) — High property taxes have some homeowners in New Jersey feeling the pinch, taxes went up dramatically in 2014 despite a cap.

As CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported, it’s no secret that New Jersey’s property taxes are the highest in the nation, no matter where you live.

Last year, on average, homeowners saw taxes go up by 2.2 percent. Despite a 2 percent cap negotiated by Governor Chris Christie with democrats.

“It’s always going up. I don’t remember exactly, but it never goes down,” Nick Marino said.

“We’re paying a lot. I think everybody’s paying a lot. I am not sure where all of it is going,” mark Eisenthal said.

Schools are one area where money goes.

And Jersey Shore towns devastated by Sandy drove up the average property taxes.

According to state numbers homeowners in Mantaloking were hit with a 20 percent hike.

“There was a 2 percent cap meaning no budget could be increased in any town above 2 percent, and none of the towns did exceed the cap, except when there is an emergency. When there is an emergency that is an exception,” Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R) said.

Sandy was an exception.

Increases to property taxes due to state pension and health care don’t fall under the cap either.

“Keep in mind, when democrats controlled the legislature during the ten years, property taxes went up by 7 percent across the board on average,” Bramnick said.

Key democrats told CBS2’s Sloan that while the cap helped, it didn’t dramatically drive down property taxes, instead it led to massive lay-offs of municipal workers.



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